Project Light is a non-profit project to install solar power in unelectrified houses and communities in and around Mumbai and Maharashtra state, western India.

Maharashtra is a state with over 110 million inhabitants, of whom around 20 million live in the Mumbai region. There remain many communities without access to reliable (or indeed any) electricity, making life very challenging for residents.

Without electricity or lighting, adults are less economically productive and children struggle to do homework, entrenching educational disadvantage. Homes sometimes rely on burning kerosene for lighting - this creates very unhealthy indoor pollution, is unsafe, expensive and provides poor quality light. A lack of electricity also means there is no way of cooling houses in the hot temperatures, and no way of charging mobile phones, which are ubiquitous.

To address these challenges, Project Light is coordinating very efficient installations of simple yet high-quality, reliable, durable solar energy systems to improve the lives of residents. The system provides bright solar-powered lanterns for lighting, USB power-points for mobile phone and device charging, and a simple fan for cooling. All the power comes from sunlight - free, unlimited, plentiful year-round, clean and green.

Project Light works on a completely non-profit basis. Through close contact with scientists, NGOs and solar businesses we are able to install good systems at a very low cost per house. All donations are incredibly effective as they go entirely on solar equipment - we take zero profit, zero expenses, zero salary, and self-fund overheads. We have no financial interest in any of the equipment makers / suppliers.